Kitchen RemodelingWant to get on board with the top trends in kitchen remodeling? Are you curious how your current kitchen compares? Our team at Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling works hard to stay on trend and to keep our customers informed about design details they may want to include. As you consider your kitchen remodel, check out this list of trends currently topping the remodeling charts. (For the full list, you can hop on over to Forbes.)

1. Soft, muted color palettes

You won’t find many bold colors in modern kitchens. Instead, most homeowners are opting for a neutral or understated color scheme that lends itself to basic, clean design.

2. Hi-tech kitchens

Many homeowners want a kitchen that’s convenient and cutting edge. Toward that end, many families are opting for new technologies and appliances that make kitchen tasks easier, more convenient, and quite sleek. From built-in wine coolers to custom coffee makers, you can find some pretty cool kitchen gadgets out there.

3. Ode to the ‘80s

Yes, some of the 1980s are back (or did they ever really go away?). What you’ll find is some of the quintessential 1980s brass on kitchen hardware or in other design details. But this time around, the brass has more of a softer satin finish that makes it an elegant ode to the shiny brass of years gone by.

4. Metallic range hoods

From brass to copper to nickel, you’ll find many people opting for metallic range hoods (as well as other metallic details throughout the kitchen area).

5. Combined kitchen-living spaces

It’s no secret that people tend to congregate in the kitchen. Therefore, many homeowners want to blend together their kitchen and more casual living areas to lend itself to comfort and easy conversation. Plus, it’s great for entertaining.

Do these trends get you excited about remodeling your kitchen? Then let’s get started! Contact Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling at (847) 202-6465 to talk kitchen design and get an estimate. We serve homeowners in and around Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Arlington Heights, Palatine, Barrington, and Inverness.