A bathroom remodel can make you feel like you have your own personal oasis right inside your home, complete with spa-like features. No matter how much you can invest into your bathroom remodel, it always comes down to the details that set your space apart. There are countless options for improving your bathroom, and you can trust Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling to center your project on your unique needs and ideas. Let’s look at some finishing touches that will impact your bathroom remodel project, whatever the extent of it may be. 

Bathroom Remodel ServiceUpdated and Unique Light Fixtures

Lighting sets any space’s mood and can create the ambiance you desire. The light fixtures you choose will be the ultimate finishing touch to your bathroom. Whether you prefer more formal and elegant light fixtures or ones with a rustic or modern industrial aesthetic, they can be the focal point around which you design your space. Use a combination of overhead lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting to make the most impact.

Upgraded Hardware and Faucet Fixtures

Many homes are designed with the same cookie-cutter hardware, faucets, and fixtures across all the bathrooms. These are simple things that you can upgrade to enhance your bathroom space or an update that you can incorporate into a larger bathroom remodel. Countless styles, colors, and finishes are available to put your unique fingerprint on your bathroom.

Creative Storage Solutions 

Consider some unique storage solutions if you want to refresh your bathroom space. After all, storage can be functional and stylish at the same time. You could opt to install some floating shelves to create more storage and visual interest. Perhaps you want our experts to redesign your bathroom with wall-mounted cabinets matching your vanity to provide more storage space. 

Request a Free Consultation 

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