If kitchen remodeling is the next Arlington Heights home improvement project you’d like to tackle, a kitchen pantry could be a great addition. Kitchens require utensils, bowls, pans, and more. A kitchen pantry is not only useful, but it helps organize a hectic kitchen.

Your kitchen pantry can have pullout shelves or open shelves. Pullout shelves are great for storing pots and pans, but open shelves display colorful dishes nicely. Your Arlington Heights home improvement contractor can easily put doors in front of the shelves. This can help keep dust out of your bowls and pans. It is also a good idea to include some hangers for your aprons. A pantry should be well lit, so you can read food labels. Talk to your contractor about installing proper lighting in your kitchen pantry. If you add a larger pantry, it could make a great space to plan and prepare for meals.

A kitchen pantry isn’t just a place for storage. It can organize your kitchen and be a unique space to brainstorm cooking ideas. Decide what type of features work best for your kitchen pantry and have your contractor implement those features.