Are you looking for a handyman for one or more home remodeling projects? You want to hire someone who is professional and provides good customer service, but who also has a reputation for quality work. How do you find such a handyman? Consider these tips from your friends at Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling.

1. Get recommendations.

Your next-door neighbors or local friends may have some good insights into general contractors in the Schaumburg area. If you’re wanting to complete a specific project—such as kitchen remodeling or basement finishing, be sure to ask your friends the types of home improvements the contractor completed.

2. Check out the credentials.

Anyone can put a “handyman” sign on the side of a pickup truck, but before you decide to hire someone and bring him into your home, verify the credentials, years of experience, and membership in professional organizations.

3. Ask for a written quote.

Gather a few written quotes from general contractors before making a decision. You will want to get specifics on the projected timeline, materials, labor, and so on. Take everything into consideration.

4. Go with your gut.

Pay attention to your intuition, and don’t hire any handyman who doesn’t make you confident in his or her abilities. You want to feel comfortable with who is in your home.

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