If your powder room or bathroom is feeling lackluster, it may be time to call in a bathroom remodeler. The professionals at Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling in Schaumburg, IL, are happy to take on a small bathroom remodeling project on its own or as part of a larger home remodeling. Not only do we deliver a beautifully finished product with excellent customer service, we’re also happy to work with you to make your bathroom more eco-friendly.

Bathroom Remodeling Schaumburg IL1) You can significantly reduce water consumption by upgrading your plumbing fixtures. Install green fixtures such as:

  • Low-flow and touchless faucets
  • Low-flow showerheads
  • Dual-flush or low-flow toilets

2) Cut your energy consumption by:

  • Switching to more energy-efficient light bulbs such as LEDs, halogens, or CFLs
  • Changing light fixtures to modern energy-efficient models
  • Installing an occupancy sensor that will automatically turn lights on and off
  • Replacing old, drafty windows

3) Reduce waste and pollution by:

  • Refinishing a salvaged piece of furniture and modifying it to create a stunning vanity
  • Selecting materials such as tiles which contain recycled materials
  • Choosing flooring and countertop materials that are sustainably sourced or produced
  • Selecting final accessories such as towels, curtains, and rugs made of organic or natural fibers

It can take a little bit more research and time to ensure that your bathroom remodeling project is environmentally friendly, but it’s well worth the effort. Plus, when you have a team of professionals offering design services and top-quality craftsmanship, you are far from being on your own. In the end, you’ll have a stunning renovated bathroom, as well as peace of mind, knowing you’ve made well-thought-out choices.

Ready to make your eco-friendly bathroom remodel happen? Contact Tom’s Best today at (847) 202-6465 to schedule a free consultation and to get a quote. We also specialize in kitchen remodeling and basement finishing. Our team serves the greater Chicago area including Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Arlington Heights, and Palatine, and we’re ready to add you to our list of satisfied customers.