You want to hire the best bathroom remodeler you can afford, but sifting through the list of local contractors can be tedious and time-consuming. Just how do you know if the home-improvement company will do the job right? We at Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling of Hoffman Estates, IL encourage you to ask a potential bathroom remodeler these five questions.

1. What are your credentials?

Make sure the bathroom remodeler is licensed and insured. Don’t hire a DIY expert who may be great with a sledgehammer but doesn’t have a solid knowledge of local building codes. You may also want to find out whether the contractor is a member of professional organizations or whether he has won any awards for his work or customer service.

2. Can you give me examples of past work?

A bathroom remodeler should be able to provide you with bathroom-remodeling pictures or perhaps a walk-through of a completed project. You want to be able to see past work firsthand to get a feel for the bathroom remodeling caliber and design.

3. Are all possible charges or fees included in your project quote?

Each home improvement professional handles billing a bit differently. Some charge a flat per-project fee that includes labor and materials, while others charge for labor by the hour and only quote you for the materials. Make sure you understand all potential costs of a bathroom-remodeling project before you move forward.

4. Do you subcontract any of the work?

Some bathroom remodelers don’t have everyone they need on the payroll to complete a project. They may hire out the plumbing or electrical work to make sure the job is done well and on time. You want to know who will be in your home to complete your bathroom remodel and verify that the subcontracted work is accounted for in the estimate.

5. What is your anticipated timeline for this project?

We all know that some unexpected things can happen during home remodeling that may throw the schedule off a bit. However, the bathroom remodeler should be able to give you a close estimate of how long that type of project typically takes.

These questions should help you better navigate hiring a bathroom remodeler and getting started on your project. If you are looking for a home improvement pro in the greater Schaumburg, IL area, be sure to consider us at Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling. We take pride in helping residents have the bathroom, kitchen, or basement of their dreams.

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