Is your bathroom outdated or too small to continue to meet your family’s needs any longer? Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling can help with a new bathroom remodel project by turning your vision for the space into a reality. Whether you want to completely renovate your bathroom, add some spa-like features, or increase the size, we can bring your ideas to life. Here are some ways we can transform your bathroom into a space that fulfills its purpose so well, you won’t want to leave!

Bathroom Remodel ServiceA Walk-in Shower

If you find that you don’t use your bathtub very often, then a walk-in shower might be a more practical solution for you and your family. Walk-in showers allow for more space, easier accessibility, and can fit any bathroom layout. You can choose any tile design, color, and style to fit your aesthetic. There are so many different ways to customize with storage niches, seating inside the shower, and various shower door and shower head options.

A New Vanity with a Double Sink

One of the best ways to add more functionality to a bathroom is to add a second sink. This is a great solution for bathrooms that are shared by two or more people. Once you have two sinks in your bathroom, you will wonder how you ever managed without them! We can even mount a storage cabinet on the wall between them to make the most of the space.

A Whirlpool Bathtub

Whether or not you install a walk-in shower, you may also choose to add a whirlpool bathtub for the ultimate spa experience in your home. It’s nice to have the option for a relaxing bath, even if you don’t get to use it daily. You can select a free-standing whirlpool tub with hydrotherapy jets, in either a sleek modern or vintage claw-footed design.

Don’t Forget the Little Details

It’s often the details that really set off a space, and that’s true for any room in your home. Besides the larger upgrades to your bathroom, there are little changes we can incorporate into your project that will contribute to the overall impact. Unique light fixtures and faucet fixtures, luxurious marble flooring, and trendy tile can all customize your bathroom in a bold way.

Request a Consultation Today

Committing to a bathroom renovation can be a little intimidating, but Tom’s Best will walk you through the entire process before work ever begins to make sure you are informed and excited about the end results. We strive to help you stay within your budget, so be sure and check the current specials on our website. Contact us today at (847) 202-6465 to request a free consultation. We serve customers in Hoffman Estates, Palatine, Inverness, Schaumburg, and nearby areas.