When your IL kitchen remodeler, like the trusted professionals at Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling, starts gutting your kitchen to implement the new design, you’re going to need to devise a system so that you can perform daily meal prep and cooking duties. Below are some tips to help you plan ahead for your limited access to the kitchen area.

Food Prep: One of the most difficult parts of kitchen remodeling is finding the space to clean vegetables, wash dishes, and perform other necessary meal preparations. If you have a utility room with a sink, this is the perfect place to set up your new home base. Foldable card tables or ironing boards make great surfaces for chopping up ingredients as well.

Appliances: Unless you plan on lugging your fridge into the living room, you may want to invest in a mini-fridge. These pint-sized iceboxes can store plenty of food and are much easier to relocate than the traditional refrigerator. You may also want to consider setting up a hot plate, microwave, or toaster oven for cooking food, because access to your own stove may be limited.

Storage: You’re definitely going to need plates and utensils to make mealtime work, but you may not be able to get to the cabinets. Finding an easy place to keep dishes and utensils on hand, such as large plastic containers, is a great way to keep them all together and simple to move.

While waiting for your IL kitchen remodeler to complete the task, you don’t have to resort to eating fast food for every meal. With proper planning and a flexible mind, you’ll be able to survive the remodeling process with ease. To get started on your next big home improvement project, contact Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling at (847) 202-6465.