Are you living in an outdated bathroom and long for the day your pink-tile clad space matches the design of the rest of your home? Instead of picking up and moving to a different location, Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling has some helpful advice on how to remodel your Schaumburg, IL, bathroom without all the hassle. 

Toms Best Quality Remodeling and Bathroom Remodel

Consider New Stylish Tile

Although it may seem overwhelming to knock out all that old tile, think of how your bathroom space could shine with new and stylish tile. We offer design services to help you choose the right color and look for your dream bathroom. Tile covers a large part of the room, so if you are only able to make one change, this should be it. Goodbye grandma’s tile. Hello 21st century. 

Redo Your Vanity

Whether your vanity is outdated or too small and not functional, try a vanity upgrade that is practical yet beautiful. Considering the size and purpose of the space can help you determine which direction to go when choosing a vanity. A dark color can offer a dramatic contrast to a light tile, while a white vanity, for example, can make the bathroom feel more spacious or airy. 

Update Light Fixtures

Lighting changes the feel of a room in a dramatic fashion. Our professionals can help you determine what mood you would like in your bathroom remodel. Do you want a more natural feel or a spa-like retreat? We will work with you to help you achieve your dreams for your room.

If you are planning a bathroom update, don’t wait any longer. Contact Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling online today, or call (847) 202-6465 to schedule a free consultation. We also offer basement remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and more. What are you waiting for? Your dream bathroom awaits.

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