Moving is never easy, convenient, or cheap, but there may come a day when your home just doesn’t meet your family’s needs any longer. If you love your home and neighborhood but desperately need more space, there is another option for you! Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling can expand your home with a room addition if it’s feeling a little small these days. Here are some ideas for common home additions that are sure to increase your living space!

Room AdditionFamily Room Addition

Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling can help your renovation visions come become reality with added space for activities and fun. A family room addition will bring your loved ones together, and we can even tailor the design around your family’s interests. Whatever your reason for needing a little extra space, our design experts will make sure that your room addition fits seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Bedroom & Master Suite Additions

Our expert team of designers can design a space that will flow well with your house. When you want to add a new bedroom or a master suite to your home’s floor plan, we will help you choose everything from color schemes to the right materials. Adding an extra bedroom or increasing the size of a current bedroom can make you feel like you are living in a new whole new home.

Bathroom Addition

If your house just doesn’t seem to have enough bathrooms, then let us help you resolve that. Whether you are tired of having to share a bathroom with your kids or need to add an extra half bathroom for guests to use, Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling will design your ideal bathroom addition for your home. We will help design, plan, and complete your addition from start to finish. 

Schedule Your Consultation

Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling will help you improve your home while staying on budget. Whether you want to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or basement, our contractors will treat your project with the care and quality it deserves. Contact us at (847) 202-6465 for more information or to request your consultation. We serve customers in Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Barrington, Palatine, Inverness, and the surrounding areas.