Your dark, grungy basement is not a welcoming site. No one in your family wants to set foot downstairs, let alone spend substantial time down there. As a result, you’ve been considering basement remodeling. But are you wondering whether the cost of basement remodeling is worth the return on investment? Allow us at Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling to help you decide whether basement remodeling is right for you.

Each year, Remodeling publishes research on the cost versus value of major home improvements. From kitchen remodeling to window replacement, the report helps homeowners assess how much a particular home improvement can increase property value. The 2014 cost vs. value report indicates that midrange basement remodeling was up in value from the previous year. The data indicates that basement remodeling costs homeowners $62,834 on average, and it increased home value by approximately $48,000. That’s roughly 77% of remodeling costs recouped!

What these numbers say to our home-improvement team is that basement remodeling has a good return on investment in the current market. So whether you’re looking to sell or just want more space, basement remodeling may be a great option for your Illinois home.

At Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling in Schaumburg, IL, we specialize in basement finishing and basement remodeling services. We can help you turn your unfinished basement into a playroom, an entertaining space with mini-kitchen and bar area, extra bedrooms, or even a workout area. Be sure to check out our basement-renovations gallery to get design ideas.

Contact Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling at (847) 202-6465 to get a quote on basement finishing to help you decide whether the cost is an investment you’re willing to make.

photo credit: Creepy Basement via photopin (license)