Many homeowners dream of increasing the square footage of their home, but think a costly addition is their only option. However, the team at Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling specializes in increasing existing living space through basement finishing and remodeling. Our design team will work with you to transform your gloomy basement into a useful, inviting living space. To learn if a basement remodel is right for you, consider seven factors before taking the plunge. Factors 1 – 4 were presented in our previous post; the remaining three factors are discussed below.

Basement Refinishing

5. Heating and Cooling Needs

In an ideal situation, your basement will stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter, without any special additions. This is typically the case in homes with a basement furnace. If, however, you need extra heat in the winter, you may need to install electrical baseboard heaters to warm up the space. Alternatively, if your home’s HVAC ductwork runs through the joists above, you can easily tap into those ducts to circulate warm air through your basement.

6. Egress Options

If you wish to include a bedroom as part of your basement remodel, you will be required to include an egress point in the room. Most local building codes require that homeowners install an egress window or door to provide an alternative exit point for the room. If your basement does not have a large window or second door, you will need to undertake the potentially expensive task of installing one prior to completing the project.

7. Lighting

By their very nature, basements are dark and have minimal lighting. Additionally, because most basements have low ceilings, finding an effective lighting solution can be a challenge. To remedy this dilemma, we frequently install LED can lights in our basement remodeling jobs. Can lights come in a variety of styles and colors, produce a lot of light, and lie flush with the ceiling. Plus, can lights give the room a modern, sleek look that many of our customers desire.

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