As much as everyone would love to remodel their master bathroom, a complete renovation isn’t always within the budget. Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling can help with any small updates you want to make, all the way up to a full-scale remodel. Here are six different updates you can make to remodel your bathroom as your budget allows. If you make these updates as you can afford them, then eventually you will have your fully- remodeled master bathroom.Affordable bathroom updates

1. New Vanity

The vanity is the statement piece of the bathroom, and can really set the tone for your style. The color, material, and hardware will determine the look you want to achieve in that space. Replacing your bathroom vanity is much more cost-effective than remodeling your entire bathroom, and will still give you a significant change.

2. Updated Light Fixtures

New light fixtures will literally brighten up your bathroom space. Whether you prefer a modern minimalistic fixture or something more ornate, a new fixture will certainly draw attention as soon as you flip the switch. Light fixtures are one of the first things that someone will notice when they enter a room.

3. Stylish Tile

It doesn’t cost a lot to update the tile in a bathroom, and this is the perfect opportunity to add a trendy element. Trends change, but you can easily replace your tile later. Why not make a statement with something eye-catching by adding a pop of color? Or you can keep it clean and classic with white.

4. New Shower or Tub

You might decide to switch to a walk-in shower or upgrade your bathtub to a newer model. This is probably the bathroom update that you would enjoy the most. Once you get the bathtub you have always wanted, then you may never want to leave your bathroom!

5. Faucet Fixtures

Many newer homes were built with very plain, basic fixtures in bathrooms, and the faucets may have even eroded over time. If you update the faucets in your bathroom, then you can add something much more custom and higher-quality. There are many different styles and color options available.

6. New Flooring

One of the starkest changes you can make in any space is to replace the flooring. And new flooring will instantly make any room feel cleaner and newer. Often, flooring is what most needs to be updated in a bathroom because of all the wear and tear.

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