When it’s time to update your home, start with the rooms that you use the most. One of the most frequently visited rooms of any home is the bathroom. At Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling in Schaumburg, IL, we have seen the impact that a well-designed, luxurious bathroom has on the value of a home. This year, allow us to update your bathroom with some of these hot design trends of 2019.

5 Design Trends for Bathroom Remodels

1. Make a Statement

Big, bold statement pieces are incredibly popular this year. Tile statement walls are making a splash as homeowners seek to incorporate color and texture into their tilework. To make a less permanent statement, add irregularly shaped mirrors above the vanity. Curves and bold frames will transform your mirror into a piece of art.

2. Artwork

In addition to the above-mentioned focal points, consider incorporating artwork into your bathroom. Adding a sophisticated piece of art to the wall serves as a focal point and sets the tone for the room. As always, bigger is better. Don’t be afraid to use a large print to catch everyone’s eye.

3. Frameless Showers

For a spa-like experience, a glass, frameless shower is the way to go. Frameless showers make the bathroom look larger and more open, highlight the tilework inside the shower, and make for a larger, brighter internal shower area.

4. Warm Metal Accents

If you’ll remember from our previous blog post, mixed metals are high on the list of 2019 kitchen design trends. Similarly, warm metals are trending in bathrooms as well. Pewter, gunmetal, and brass are all popular in both polished and matte finishes.

5. White and Grey Marble

Marble is timeless and classic, and can be used in virtually any room in the house. Marble is extremely versatile, so no matter your taste, it will blend flawlessly. Monochromatic bathrooms are popular this year as well, making these neutral shades a win.

Affordable Bathroom Makeovers

For all of your bathroom remodeling needs, call Tom’s Best today at (847) 202-6465. With the help of our custom design team, we will create a beautiful, timeless space where you will be excited to spend time. And if you aren’t looking to redo your entire bathroom, we are still happy to help! We specialize in updating vanities, light fixtures, tile, flooring, tubs, and showers. Contact us today or request a free consultation to learn more about what Tom’s Best can do for you.