Interested in being on the cutting edge of kitchen remodeling and design? The staff at Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling of Schaumburg, IL want to highlight a few of the 2014 trends presented by HGTV and add our own insights, tips, and tricks. (For the full HGTV list, check out this article on the 17 Top Kitchen Design Trends.) We hope this list gets your kitchen remodeling design ideas kickstarted!

Gray Cabinets

While white cabinets have been a classic for many years, more homeowners are opting for a neutral gray cabinet color. Gray offers the same clean look of white kitchen cabinets, but with a modern twist. Gray works with many different design styles and may be a good option for your kitchen remodeling project.

Colorful Kitchen Sinks

Gone is the hum-drum stainless-steel kitchen sink. Kitchen remodelers are using the kitchen sink as an opportunity to add a splash of color. From bright greens to flashy reds, you can find kitchen sinks in all colors and styles. Talk to your kitchen remodeling contractor about your options.

New Technology

The beauty of a progressing culture is being able to use new technologies in the home. You can find everything from automated, no-touch kitchen faucets to specialized timers that connect to an app on your smartphone.

Mixed Materials

No longer do you have to use all one material for your countertops or even cabinetry. You can mix elements, giving both a touch of stone and wood. This trend gives your kitchen remodel a balanced and eclectic feel, without being too flashy.

These 2014 kitchen remodeling trends are sure to bring your kitchen into the current day and make your space more functional and fun to be in. If you’re ready to get started on your kitchen remodeling project, call Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling at (847) 202-6465. You can also check out our customer reviews or submit a question using our online contact form. Tom’s Best Quality Remodeling also has kitchen remodeling design services, in case you want more ideas for your kitchen project.